The Ultimate Chromatography guide, image showing columns and a chromatogram, with the words 'Ultimate' and 'SEC / GPC Guide'

Here is an extensive collection of Malvern documents for GPC and SEC.

These links to a selection of Application Notes, Technical Notes and Webinars will connect you directly to the corresponding  document or recording on the Malvern website (or the log in prompt which will continue to the document once  you have successfully logged in, registration is free with any email address). Additional information can be found at Malvern’s Resource Center,  however the resource center also encompasses all other Malvern products that might not be immediately relevant to your interest.

The information in this useful compilation was put together by Kyle Williams, and even though it will never be complete, it should be a perfect launch point for anyone new to GPC SEC or separations in general. As new materials are discovered and novel methods are developed the resources available on our website expand accordingly. Disclaimer: All links were checked and correct in mid June 2013. Occasionally technical or application notes get updated, which may change the version number of the document and thus the link location. In that case just search for the respective MRKxxxx number on our main site.

Application and Technical Notes

Instrument Care

Detector Information

Advanced Polymer Analysis

Solvent Enhanced Light Scattering (SELS)


FIPA – Flow Injection Polymer Analysis



General Information

Polyolefin Characterization




Polymer Structure

Polymer-Specific Info

Columns & Standards

Polymer Characterization Packages

The list is possibly a little overwhelming, we hope you find something of interest in it for you. Some of the older webinar recordings may only work in either IE or Firefox but not both.

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