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HTDS (Hi-TECH DETECTION SYSTEMS) is a company specialized in the distribution and maintenance of high-tech detection systems in France and internationally.

HTDS was founded in January 2002 by a team of executives from Perkin-Elmer. With their strong experience and complementary skills of its founders, HTDS has earned the trust of the world’s leading high-tech detection.

HTDS employs more than 140 people including 40 commercial and 45 after sales technicians. Their registered office is located in Massy, ​​France and HTDS has subsidiaries in 6 countries in Africa and the Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) to be ever closer to its customers and therefore to guarantee an optimal quality of service.

The mission of HTDS provides its customers with a quality of products and service by combining their expertize, flexibility and responsiveness. The company is selected for this system leaders in their markets. HTDS is organized around three areas:

  • Laboratory / Research
  • Safety / Security
  • Optoelectronics / Measures

Their main  Laboratory / Research division is broken down into three “business units” (Analytical Instrumentation, Life Sciences, Nuclear Instrumentation) which sells, installs and maintains products such as from: Malvern Instruments, PerkinElmer, Life technologies, General Electrics, Sotax …

Whatever your sample HTDS offers techniques adapted to perform your measurements: Technical separative (chromatography) identification technique (molecular spectroscopy), determination of elements (inorganic spectroscopy), physical measurements (thermal analysis, dissolution and physical testing drugs), but also more specific techniques such as the analysis of particle size, zeta potential, automated image analysis and rheology.

HTDS sells its products in over 30 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Philippe Jadeau and Nagi Sadek co-manage the Laboratory / Research division
Xavier Dua is responsible for Malvern & Mettler Toledo ranges