Picture of the Omnisec software icon, displaying a chromatogram trace of two peaks

Occasionally we get asked for a quick demonstration of the GPC software.

The current version 4.7 of OmniSEC can handle any data analysis that a chromatographer might need in research, development, or quality control. the program also controls any Malvern / Viscotek chromatography system (such as a conventional RImax, modular 270, or an integrated TDA) and can even handle third party detectors via the OmniFACE interface.

A few of the most commonly used features are shown in the movie below.

In the screen demonstration we:

  1. open a data file,
  2. set baselines,
  3. select peak limits,
  4. execute a calculation method, and
  5. go over the results such as
  • Weight average molecular weight Mw,
  • polydispersity index PDI =Mw/Mn,
  • refractive index increment dn/dc

Other frequently used parts of the software – not shown in this clip – are determining the amount of aggregation in a sample, the percentage above & below a certain cutoff molecular weight, or creating Mark-Houwink plots.


If you have any questions, please email me at ulf.nobbmann@malvern.com. Thanks!