Don’t miss our next Suspensions Properties Masterclass

Hello all…. I’m just adding the finishing touches to the next Suspension Properties Masterclass which is coming up on September 17, the third in the series on “Influence of Zeta Potential on Rheology“.

Myself and my colleague John Duffy this year are collating and updating our knowledge of how particles properties and rheology are fundamental into the understanding of the overall suspension properties. We have been writing the presentations together, but taking it in turns to present…. after John carried out the first two lectures, the next two are mine.

And I have to say, I’m feeling the pressure a bit…. the registrations and views for John’s webinars were a record for a rheology webinar!

It should be good though, as the content is very interesting and fundamentally important to the rheology of systems which such diverse results. This webinar will discuss dramatic differences, such as where decreasing the zeta potential can decrease the viscosity… but on a near identical system in all but particle size…  decreasing the zeta potential can increase the viscosity to such an extent to become viscoelastic, even showing a yield stress.  This is how important it is for suspensions and dispersions to consider particle properties to understand bulk materials properties like rheology.

With a little more fine tuning, this third masterclass on the “Influence of Zeta Potential on Rheology” should give a nice overview of some the general simple rules and theories between these material properties. The aim is to help the novice user to appreciate the connections, and also to reinforce the general understanding of the approaches for those more advanced in the field.

If you want to register to the webinar, click here

Hope to see you there.

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