A list of historic Viscotek models

Series of three logos, Viscotek logo with viscometry bridge, Viscotek logo as a Malvern company, Malvern only logo

When Viscotek became part of Malvern in 2008 it had already been a market leader in Gel Permeation Chromatography GPC, Flow Injection Polymer Analysis FIPA as well as dilute solution viscometry DSV for over 20 years. Founded in 1984 by Dr. Max Haney who invented the four capillary differential viscometer detector, the company had continuously innovated a portfolio of state-of-the-art instrumentation suitable for addressing unique molecular characterization challenges. Due to their solid build quality we still encounter some of the older generation Viscotek models today – so I thought it would be of interest to list them here for reference and posterity:

  • Viscotek model 100 differential viscometer
  • Viscotek model 110 differential viscometer
  • Viscotek model 125 differential laser refractometer
  • Vscotek model 200 differential refractometer+viscometer detector
  • Viscotek model H502 differential viscometer
  • Viscotek model LD600 right angle laser light scattering RALLS detector
  • 510 differential refractometer
  • LR40 triple detector
  • Viscotek T50 differential viscometer
  • Viscotek T60 multiple detector (right angle laser light scattering and viscosity)
  • Viscotek model 301 triple detector system
  • Viscotek model 302 integrated triple detector system
  • TriSEC GPC viscometry software

While these names reflect over two decades of corporate, instrumentation, and applications development, we today have evolved into four main model platforms in our portfolio:

  • 270 series: a modular configuration of either a single or dual detector (viscometer and light scattering), for ambient operation
  • 305 series “TDA”: a triple detector configuration with integrated temperature-controlled column holder (up to 80°C) and digital transducers for maximum sensitivity
  • 350 series “HT-GPC”: a triple detector configuration for high temperature chromatography with integrated column oven (up to 160°C)
  • SEC-MALS 20 detector: a modular multi angle light scattering detector, with 20 measurement angles, that can easily be added to any SEC system
  • All are operated and controlled by OmniSEC software

Some history on LALS and its ancestor, the Chromatix KMX6, was published by Paul Clarke.


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