One of the most important aspects of particle size analysis is control of how materials are sampled and dispersed prior to a measurement being carried out. This must be done in a way that is appropriate for the sample while also providing the measurement reproducibility required to allow any batch-to-batch differences to be detected.

Given the importance of method control, Malvern is very pleased to be sponsoring one of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s ‘Fundamentals Series’ of online presentations. ‘The Importance of Particle Size Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ is presented by William Kopesky, Managing Director of Particle Technology Labs in Chicago, a leader in independent particle characterization services working extensively with the pharmaceutical industry.

William Kopesky – Managing Director

Bill’s succinct overview explores the many aspects of both product and process performance that are affected by particle size and offers a concise look at regulatory requirements for method development and validation, and how these are applied in the application of particle analysis techniques such as laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering. In my view, it’s 20 minutes well spent for anyone interested in learning more.

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