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Missed our live webinars in October, catch up here!

7 November 2013 No Comment

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Here is a list of all live webinars presented in October. If you couldn’t participate, don’t worry. You can access the recordings now.

Recorded webinars

October 2 – The particle size distribution, zeta potential, and rheology of ceramic materials and ceramic slurries/suspensions

October 3 – Suspension properties Masterclass 4: Using rheology to assess suspension stability

October 21 – Laser diffraction dry method development

October 24 – An introduction to capillary rheology

October 24 – Optical properties of silica

October 29 – Quantitative Determination of Solvent Power using Rheology

October 30 – Qual técnica de caracterização de tamanho de partículas devo utilizar para o meu produto? (Portuguese)