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My name is Jesus Carlos Puebla, Commercial Director and founder of Specific Instrumentation Materials – IESMAT, with Miguel Angel Abad . We have been distributors of Malvern Instruments since 2005 and from this time we have grown considerably to support commercial, technical and applications to private companies and public research to provide the best in material characterization, particularly particle technology, rheology, nanotechnology and macromolecules. Our goal is very clear, to provide customer satisfaction in the use of the latest technologies from leading scientific instrumentation from the leading manufacturers.

I was recently interviewed speaking at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass by TV Alcora, where I explained the developments in laboratory instrumentation necessary for the ceramic industry:

Jesus Puebla

Watch my interview on solutions for ceramic materials characterization (in Spanish)

IESMAT sponsored the Congress of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass, held at the School of Ceramics Alcora in Castellón. This congress is one of the most important in the Valencian Community. It has provided the awareness of science and technology that can help the ceramic industry as well as allowed the discovery of the latest developments and innovations in the ceramic industry. And this is where IESMAT has much to say. We presented the latest material characterization developments, particularly in the world of particles, rheology, stability and surface area in all materials including ceramic pigments, frits, raw materials, inks, ceramic slurries, etc…

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