Make Plans for PittCon!


Great news for anyone planning or considering to attend Pittcon in Chicago: Our proposed course  “Fundamentals of Advanced Gel Permeation and Size Exclusion Chromatography Detection” was added to the program and is available for registration.

This half-day event is taking place on Wednesday 5 March starting at 1pm, a perfect time if you were planning to be at Pittcon anyway and also very easy to arrange your Pittcon schedule around, with the exhibit area open from Monday – Thursday there is time before and/or after the short course to combine networking in your particular area of interest with finding out the latest trends in environmental science, analytical chemistry, life science & nanotechnology, meet technical experts, evaluate vendors & suppliers, and network with scientists from around the world.

There are substantial discounts for registering before 10 February, so why delay ? Even more encouragement is that the hotel selection will be the widest now, when there are still most hotel choices available.  Of course if you are in the Chicago area, then this might not apply to you.

The event is going to be a condensed version of our GPC school without the lunch, lab involvement, and software exercises. You do not need to have an existing advanced GPC system – although attendance could be quite useful for existing users and  those who have just joined a lab with a Viscotek, “inherited” a system, or simply want to reacquaint themselves with all the features you might get out of advanced detection chromatography.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Course curriculum

  • Introduction & Course Objectives: What is advanced GPC/SEC?
  • Fundamentals of Conventional Calibration Chromatography
  • Fundamentals of Universal Calibration Chromatography & Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Fundamentals of Light Scattering: RALS, LALS, MALS
  • Case Studies of Applications in Polymers, Biopolymers & Proteins
  • Practical Take Home Messages, Question and Answer Session

PS: Two colleagues are also involved in other courses

Alan Rawle teaches a full day course  “Fundamentals of Particle Size Analysis with an Emphasis on Light Scattering Techniques” on Thursday and a halfday course “Sampling for Particle Size Analysis” on Saturday

Ana Morfesis teaches a short course Wednesday morning titled “Particle Characterization of Nanomaterials”

About the instructor

Ulf Nobbmann, Ph.D. in Physics, Oklahoma State, is GPC/SEC Product Manager – Americas for Malvern Instruments. He has extensive experience in light scattering as a tool for chemical, biochemical &  biophysical laboratories and  is a regular contributor to Malvern’s Materials Talks blog.  Course presentation material will be available in advance, downloadable in pdf. Material will be scientific and not commercial.