Hello, I thought you will be glad to access the list of all recent recorded webinars if you couldn’t attend them all in November.

Easy, click on the link and enjoy!

Recorded webinars

November 5 – Laser diffraction Masterclass: 6 Troubleshooting

November 7 – Nanomedicines, biopharmaceuticals, and small molecule therapeutics

November 12 – Sample preparation for GPC/SEC Analysis of polymers and proteins

November 13 – Proben Dispergiermodule für den Mastersizer 2000 (German)

November 13 – Proben Dispergiermodule für den Mastersizer 3000 (German)

November 15 – Säulen, Standards und Accessories für die GPC/SEC (German)

November 15 – Zetasizer Nano Serie – Zubehör und Softwareerweiterungen (German)

November 19 – Suspension properties Masterclass 5: Measurement of yield stress

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