It has been a while since I have blogged but something very exciting happened last week so I wanted to shout about it.

I have attended the Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) conference several times and for the last few years we talked about the Morphologi G3-ID early access system and various potential applications. In fact the instrument was featured alongside the Spraytec in the poster we won the industrial prize for back in 2010. The instrument had just been fully launched before last year’s event and this year I was delighted to actually be able to bring one with me and have it working on the stand.

Fig 1: The Morphologi G3-ID on the Malvern stand at DDL24

We showcased a new application where we were able to gain morphological information and chemical identification of particles dispersed using a Next Generation Impactor (NGI) device from Copley Scientific. Fused Quartz discs are placed in the collection cups and the NGI is used as normal depositing particles on the quartz. The discs are then transferred to the Morphologi G3-ID and analysed morphologically. Raman spectra are then automatically acquired from selected particles to determine the chemical composition of them.

We showed a dry powder inhalation product containing two actives and an excipient. Using the extra Raman spectroscopy information the individual particle size distributions of the various components were established and some particles were also identified as being agglomerates of more than one component. The spectral overlay shown in figure 2 demonstrates this; the spectra shown in red and green are from the two pure APIs and the spectrum in blue is from an agglomerate particle. It contains spectral features from both the active materials confirming it is a multi-component agglomerate.

Fig 2: Overlay of the spectra of the two pure active materials (red and green) and the mulit-component particle (blue) capture from the NGI dispersion (Stage 3)

We generated lots of interest and many current and potential customers came along to take a look.  We had some great discussions about this and other possible applications. I am hoping I will be able to blog about some collaborative work in 2014. We even featured in OINDP News’s Day 3 blog where an image of the NGI dispersed sample on the Morphologi G3-ID system was shown.

For now I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year.