But first… let me introduce Yasmine Tornblad, Malvern UK’s International Infrastructure Support Manager who is friend /owner of Nano.

Yasmine grew up on an island called Hammaro and came to the UK in 1997. She has worked at Malvern UK for nine years and says ‘I attended University and studied Computer Science and English and enjoy being part of the Malvern family. Within IT there is never a dull moment.

Yasmine, who has been allergic to nuts since childhood says ‘A few years ago, whilst on a business trip to China, I had to be hospitalised after eating nuts by mistake. This was my first experience of an anaphylactic shock, and just three weeks later, I was back in hospital after a similar episode in Germany.

This brings us to Nano, the star of our piece, currently ‘working’ in Malvern UK’s IT department. As well as being Yasmine’s dear companion, Nano serves as an assistance dog, which is why he is allowed to attend work and his very special function in her life, is in detecting nuts. Research pointed Yasmine to Medical Detection Dogs.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Nano recently, who granted a very rare interview (translation courtesy of Yasmine).


How long have you worked at Malvern UK? Almost 6 years, but humans would call this 10 months

Where were you born?  I am from Norwich and have 3 siblings

What changes have you observed over the years?  The biggest change for me has been very hard – it was when fellow workmates realized I can reach into the bins in the office… they stopped putting their leftovers in there after lunch.