Malvern has added a new model to the Kinexus+ series, completing our trio of rotational rheometers. So why did we add an extra model? When the next generation series launched in October 2013, it featured two models, the high-end flagship ultra+ and the research-grade pro+. In the short time the systems have been available, the response from the scientific community has been exceptional.  Researchers quickly began to see the benefits of the rSpace SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) software approach for more than just research and development, and asked for a model for their company’s routine quality control (QC) measurements.  We were happy to respond quickly to this need by launching the lab+. Kinexus lab+What’s so great about the lab+? It’s ideal for QC use The lab+ is so simple to use that a novice can run it but still generate a quality set of data that any rheologist would be proud of.  This makes it easy to monitor the consistency of a product, with reduced tests and easy to use software. It has user-friendly, flexible software The rSpace software is perfect for the QC environment, as it has the ability to add pictorial/informational prompts throughout the SOP for guidance, automatically analyze the results, and automatic printing (electronic/paper) of customizable reports. It’s a good fit across a wide range of industries Be it paints, healthcare (for lotions, creams, shampoos and toothpaste), food (for cheese, butter, dairy and chocolate), or building products (asphalt, cement, mastics and caulking), the lab+ will ensure that manufactured products are of a consistently high quality. For the pharmaceutical industry, rest assured that the system benefits from being 21CFR compliant. As with all Malvern products, the Kinexus + series is backed by our responsive support, scientific know-how and complementary analytical techniques.  The trio will meet the most demanding rheological measurement requirements with the best spec’d rotational rheometer platforms on the market. If you have any questions about the lab+ or other models in the Kinexus+ range, please do get in touch.  You can find us on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or Facebook, or alternatively, contact us via the Malvern website.

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