Monday was the first day of the exhibition part of the show at Pittcon and the opening ceremony that took place in McCormick Place was captured in Pittcon Today, the paperwork I talked about in the last blog:

The Opening Ceremony at Pittcon (thanks to Pittcon Today for the image -

 (Thanks to Pittcon Today for the image –

Our stand was also paid a visit by the ever-popular Chromeleon so there was an excellent photo-opp:

Chameleon picture

I was also talking about capturing the Chromeleon but couldn’t persuade others to rugby tackle the green lizard so that we could determine more about its personality (obviously a very friendly amphibian) and conduct a DNA analysis.  There are claims that the Chromeleon is female and counterclaims that it is male….  However, there was one major problem.  There was a sign on the entrance to McCormick Place and I’ve increased in size the salient feature:

no guns

Now, we would not want to harm or hurt the Chromeleon in any way – just simply determine its gender…. However, for the purposes of this article, if it was hunting season, and if it was permitted to hunt Chromeleons (for the purposes of Maine Law, alligators are considered fur bearing creatures…), then it would not be possible within the McCormick building simply because of the sign….

Those without a familiarity with American gun practice (such as the should-be-deported Piers Morgan) probably find some strange sort of humor in these signs.   So our theoretical options for the Chromeleon were much reduced.  Bow-and-arrow season awaits….

Oh, and the weather?   Still too cold – must be doing something to my one remaining neuron:

Snow scene

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