Hello – I’m Stéphane Rouquette; I’ve worked for Malvern instruments since 1991, and my first role within the company was to sell airborne and liquid particle counters for cleanroom testing and QC for injectables  (USP788).  I then continued my journey with Malvern by selling Mastersizer & Zetasizer instruments, before moving into the role of sales manager for France. I eventually became the country manager, and two years ago, I decided to focus on the Biosciences arena. I now lead European sales for Malvern Instruments in this quickly growing market.

Strategic Protein Formulation & Drug Delivery

In April. I’m going to be travelling to the Strategic Protein Formulation & Drug Delivery (SPFD) meeting in Barcelona.  I’m attending the event for my own personal training, but of course I will also be more than happy to spend time discussing Malvern’s new developments to support protein formulation. This includes the Viscosizer 200, for the automatic measurement of viscosity, size (Taylor dispersion) in complex backgrounds and concentration of bioformulations, and Archimedes, a novel instrument which uses RMM (Resonant Mass Measurement) to count and size protein aggregates in the 200 nm to 5 µm size range and distinguish them from contaminants such as silicone oil droplets.  Our Morphologi G3-ID is a hybrid of an optical microscope with a Raman spectrometer, offering the unique ability to detect foreign particles (1 to 1000 µm) or protein aggregates and to elucidate their chemical compositions and/or structures. Finally, our latest innovation, the Zetasizer Nano ZS Helix, is a DLS/Raman spectroscopy combination which offers unique insights into oligomerization and aggregation mechanisms.  You can find out more about the Zetasizer Nano ZS Helix by viewing our recorded webinar with protein expert Prof. John Carpenter.

Please just connect with me on Linkedin if you wish to arrange a time to talk.

Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!!!