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It’s my 10th Analytica with Malvern and I’m still excited. Even after 20 years in marketing for analytical instrumentation companies at exhibitions, it is a nervous time still until an exhibition set up is complete. One’s blood pressure goes  down when the exhibition starts and the first visitors approach our stand.  They get a warm welcome and we hope they feel that we have created an informative yet relaxed atmosphere for them.

Foto: Messe München International
Foto: Messe München International

Our increasing product portfolio, and the diverse markets we serve, made us think about how best to group the instruments to make the most sense for our visitors.

This year, we decided to have four corners:

In the Nano Corner, the Zetasizer, Nanosight NS300 and Archimedes system will be shown.

Why? All instruments measure nanoparticles and proteins. And this set up allows us to show the right instruments for the right application; to explain differences and to show complementary techniques for nanoparticle characterization.

The same is true for the next corner – the Rheo Corner, with Kinexus and Viscosizer 200 on display. These are different yet complementary measurement techniques to assess rheological properties for a wide range of products.

The Mastersizer 3000 and Morphologi G3-ID sit in the Micro Corner – the size range they are suitable for is the common attribute  used to group these complementary techniques them together.

Kinder Surprise

In the Polymer/Bio corner, you will find the SEC-MALS 20 and GPC/SEC , where our specialists will explain the advantage of detectors with different numbers of angles.

As with a golf course – where the 19th hole is essential for unwinding & post-game chatter – we have on our square exhibition booth a fifth corner! This is the coffee corner, where you can relax

But wait – there’s more!  We thought about what we could do to surprise you.  Since it is near Easter time – we have Easter eggs!  So come visit us and get your Malvern egg with a QR code on the label and visit our surprise website for a chance to win a ithospecial prize.

Look forward to seeing you at Analytica – you can find us in Hall A1, stand 227.