Lithium Bromide used as salt in mobile phase

Are Lithium Bromide or other salts in your GPC system? Improve the working life of your pump seals by using the seal wash system for mobile phases with salt!

What is one of the best practices to keep any chromatography pump – as for example in the GPCmax or a modular GPC system – in prime operating condition? Connect the back flush and keep the mobile phase fresh.  Over time, leaky pump seals can occur in any chromatography system. This is most commonly associated with DMF (dimethylformamide) containing lithium bromide LiBr but can also occur with any other solvent (for example dimethylacetamide DMAC , n-methyl-pyrrolidone NMP, or aqueous buffer) containing salts.

Pump seal life can be significantly improved through the use of the seal back wash on these pumps.  The attached technical note on this issue describes in detail how to use the seal wash system.  We recommend to take the actions described in this note as part of your routine operations and maintenance.

Attachment: Technical Note – GPCmax seal wash

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