I am really looking forward to my next trip as it is somewhere I have never been before. The sale of a Morphologi G3-ID in Australia to Southern Cross University has finally given me the opportunity to go and visit which is very exciting!

I will be heading over to give training on the newly installed system at the Southern Cross Geoscience research center. The group undertakes innovative research that contributes to the understanding and improved management of land and water resources with particular reference to the impact of human activity.

To make the most of the trip I will also be showcasing the Morphologi G3 and Morphologi G3-ID at a series of ‘show and tell’ events.  These will also include the Mastersizer 3000 and will take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  I therefore really will get to see some different cities as all in all I will be traveling for almost 3 weeks!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

At each event we will have a Mastersizer 3000 and a Morphologi G3SE instrument.  For the imaging part, I will present a live demonstration of the Morphologi G3SE.  Firstly, I will perform a dry dispersion and measure that sample.  Next I will show some different types of dispersions and present data from a variety of applications that demonstrate some of the software tools.  I will then show a video of a Morphologi G3-ID measurement and present morphologically directed Raman spectroscopy data for a number of applications including nasal sprays and cement.  All this in about 45 minutes!  There will then be a bit of time left hopefully to squeeze in some questions.

By the end of the session participants will have a much better understanding of the what the Morphologi instruments can do terms of particle characterisation and chemical identification and how they can help cross validate laser diffraction methods, or trouble shoot unexpected results or characterise individual components from within a blend.

I am really looking forward to working with Bryn McDonagh and Paul Barrett from ATA Scientific, our distributors in Australia, who will be presenting the laser diffraction elements at the events.  A full program is indicated below.

Australia Seminar Dates

Participation is free of charge so do come along and join us. However it is essential to register. To do this please email with your details to enquiries@atascientific.com.au  by 20st May 2014.  For further details, please click here.

I will also get to spend a couple of weekends seeing the sights.  Watch this space to see if I manage to get tickets to go up the Sydney harbour bridge!

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