Energy supply is one of the biggest challenges we face on a global basis and nanomaterials has a large part to play in solving some of those issues.  The possibilities nanomaterials offer for cheaper, cleaner energy are extremely exciting.  This TED talk from Justin Hall-Tipping CEO of “Nanoholdings” gives a fascinating glimpse into how nanotechnology could be set to change the future of energy and replace fossil and nuclear fuels:

There is increasing interest and investment in the energy sector and in particular, alternative energy production and storage devices. Nanomaterials and nanoparticles are playing an increasingly important role in this arena, from the use of quantum dots in photovoltaic panels, to advantages in fuel cell efficiencies that can be gained through the use of cerium nanoparticles.

How nanomaterials can change the worrld

However, nanomaterial development for energy applications takes time and money and only those with suitable understanding of the space and development challenges will achieve a viable return on investment.  This week, Malvern’s Head of Product Management Ciaran Murphy is leading a webinar to provide an overview of applications within the nanoenergy arena along with some of the measurement difficulties and how modern characterization tools are improving to address the development challenges faced.  This webinar will be of particular interest to nanomaterials researchers and developers for energy applications, nanomaterial lab managers trying to understand the issues associated with characterization and what investments they should make, along with investors in the nanomaterials sector who need better insight into the investment opportunities

You will learn about:

  • Trends within the nanomaterials as applied to energy applications
  • Why and where the money is going for nanomaterial energy applications
  • The characterization challenges for different nanomaterials used in the energy arena
  • A potential to derive competitive advantage in nanomaterial development and manufacturing arena

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