Thank you to everyone who joined us for on the 15th May for the launch of the Zetasizer NanoSampler, an exciting new accessory for the Zetasizer Nano that adds automation of size measurements for maximum sample throughput and improved laboratory efficiency. As there were a few questions that came in after the webinar had closed, I thought I would use this opportunity to answer them here.

You can also find further information about the NanoSampler on the Malvern website, or watch the recording of the launch here.

Also, keep an eye out for a brand new video that will be featuring on the Malvern website very soon……

Will the NanoSampler work with my existing Zetasizer?

The Zetasizer NanoSampler is compatible with any existing Zetasizer Nano instrument that is capable of measuring size. The NanoSampler is supplied with all the necessary fittings and a quartz analysis cell so if you already have a Zetasizer Nano ZSP, ZS, S, S9o or ZS90 in your laboratory then you are good to go!

Can I recover my sample?

We do not recommend recovering the sample from the Zetasizer NanoSampler, because of the dilution that occurs during the washing out sequence. If you have limited amounts of sample, or want to limit the amounts of expensive material that you use, then we would recommend that you choose the Zetasizer APS which allows you to use a very low volume of 20 ┬ÁL. Samples are also fully recoverable with the APS.

I have written my own customised SOPs. Will they work with the NanoSampler? 

Yes, the NanoSampler will also automate customized SOPs, however you may need to change the measurement cell to the quartz flow cell (ZEN0023).

What software do I need to control the NanoSampler? Is it the same as the Zetasizer? 

The NanoSampler can be controlled from the standard Zetasizer software, however you need to make sure that it is version 7.10 or later. Updates to software can be downloaded from the Malvern website free of charge here. An activation key is supplied with NanoSampler which will unlock the additional control features in the software.

Are the measurements faster?

No, each DLS measurement takes exactly the same time in batch mode and when run automatically by the NanoSampler. However, you now have the ability to run your Zetasizer Nano instruments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as the NanoSampler can take single or multiple aliquots from up to 96 different samples automatically and unattended.

Can I make repeat measurements on the same sample?

Yes, there are actually three different ways to make repeat measurements of your samples:

1). You can use the NanoSampler to load a single aliquot (sample loading) into the quartz flow cell inside the Zetasizer Nano instrument. After that, you can perform as many measurements as you like (as in a normal batch measurement)  before the cell is flushed out and reloaded with the next aliquot.

2). You can take up to 3 different aliquots from a single vial, allowing you to make measurements in triplicate.

3). Or, you can take single aliquots from up to 96 different vials.

There is more information about reproducibility of measurements aliquot-to-aliquot and vial-to-vial in an application note titled “Accuracy and reproducibility in automated dynamic light scattering measurements” on the Malvern website.