GE MicroCal Becomes Malvern Instruments MicroCal


Tuesday, July 22, 2014, all MicroCal employees tightly piled into one conference room to listen to Malvern Instruments’ Managing Director, Paul Walker, announce the most anticipated deal closing in the history of MicroCal.

We all know that acquisitions can be a way for companies to improve profits and productivity, while reducing overall costs. While they may be good for business, they are not always good for employees. We stress out about our positions, and the changing culture of the company, and if we will fit in.  But this is not the case for newly acquired MicroCal!

The new relationship between Malvern and MicroCal is a reason to celebrate – afterall, the two companies don’t just have synergies in the technologies they provide, they also have a similar close-knit, family-like culture.  The MicroCal team are now looking forward to a bright future, and are chomping at the bit to jump in and hit the ground running!  So lets hear from the MicroCal team themselves on what they think of becoming part of Malvern:

“I’m thrilled!”, said Sheila Crofts, QC Lab Manager.  “It is better than I ever hoped. I’m proud to be a member of the Malvern family. I hope they will be proud of us as well!”

“We’re riding high,” said Mike Brandts, Director of Manufacturing, whose father, John Brandts, founded the company. “We went from thinking we’re closing and moving and all unemployed to being under new ownership that is really aligned with us.”

“I am very enthusiastic about the move to Malvern from GE.  I am hoping it will revert back or at least become very similar to the old MicroCal I grew to love” said Thomas Cage, Field Service Engineer.

EHS & Site Security Leader, Sam Williston said, “I feel a new life and a new excitement about working for Malvern.  The people from Malvern are friendly and humorous while exhibiting a commitment to do what is best for the customer and our product and they really seem to care about the employees.   I believe that the employees of MicroCal will again be able to influence our own destiny.  By working hard and working together as a team, we will be able to solve any of the real problems, issues and concerns that face us and then we may all prosper.”

“I have never met such a more humble, enthusiastic group as I have with the Malvern folks” said Jill Kehoe, Site Administrator.  “It is so refreshing and just what we needed to turn our business around. We feel it and our customers I know, will feel it too. I look forward to the future with a very successful company and proud to be a part of it.”

Eddie Eposito, R&D Application Scientist, can’t wait to get his hands of the rest of the Malvern product range.  Eddie said, “I’m excited to be part of the Malvern Instruments team; they are very committed to customer service, and it’s been an exhilarating first week for everyone here at Microcal! I am looking forward to all the interesting characterization experiments that can be performed using this impressive product portfolio.”

Paul Davies, MicroCal’s new Global Business Leader, was also excited about the combined analytical power of the two companies: “The MicroCal technologies are a great addition to Malvern’s pharmaceutical R&D tool box.  We now have a series of tools that can assist in molecule discovery and optimization, API development, formulation development and even in manufacturing.  And we  have teams around the world that are able help our users understand how all of these technologies connect in order to provide improved efficiencies in pharmaceutical R&D”

It’s great to hear such positivity from the MicroCal team about becoming part of Malvern – long may it continue! Check back next week to get the lowdown on MicroCal’s technology.