OmniSEC 5.1

On 30th September we held a webinar to introduce the latest update to our OmniSEC GPC/SEC software, version 5.1. For those of you that don’t know, OmniSEC is an integrated software solution for the advanced analysis of proteins and polymers by GPC/SEC, and is at the heart of all Viscotek systems and detectors.

OmniSEC has been be given an improved look and feel, including the following new features to maximize your productivity:

  • Selectable “polymers” or “proteins” user interfaces
  • “OmniSEC BIO” option to customize the interface with protein-specific language, settings and workflows
  • Integration with Waters EmpowerⓇ

Make sure you watch the recording of the launch webinar to find out about the new functionality we have added to OmniSEC, and how we have made it even easier to incorporate one or more of the Viscotek detectors to your existing GPC/SEC system.

The following is a collection of new literature uploaded to the website to accompany the launch of OmniSEC 5.1. Here you will find detailed instructions about how to connect an additional detector, such as the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20, to a Waters SEC system:

  1. Brochure: OmniSEC 5.1 Software
  2. Application Note: “Measuring protein molecular weight using the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 connected to a Waters Empower SEC system
  3. Technical Note: “Interfacing Viscotek detectors with Waters SEC systems and Waters Empower® software”

You can learn more about Viscotek detectors from this video:

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