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Light scattering in chromatography can sometimes be challenging: The scattering signal is proportional to the size to the 6th power, and that is why particles in the mobile phase can lead to noise in the light scattering detector. Now we have special light scattering columns available specifically designed for low shedding, making them particularly well suited for analytical chromatography of proteins and peptides. The Viscotek PLS-columns are silica-based columns for the separation of proteins for light scattering applications. Their excellent stability minimizes particle shedding to maintain light scattering baselines as clean as possible. They offer excellent separation and have slightly improved pH stability over other silica columns.

BSA eluting on a PLS5030 column, with 60uL injected at 0.2 mg/mL, flowrate 1mL/min PBS buffer
Bovine Serum Albumin on new PLS column: flow rate: 1 mL / min on 1 x PLS5030 column, mobile phase: PBS, 60 uL @ 0.2 mg/mL injected

Three columns types are available. PLS5030 have larger particle size and are for general purposes. PLS3030 have smaller particle sizes for improved resolution. PLS3030H are smaller particle sizes and have a modified surface for use with particularly hydrophobic proteins. Each is available with a guard column of similar type. They all separate proteins in the molecular weight range between 10 – 1,250 kDa.

PLS-columns can be used with up to 100% acetonitrile or methanol. They can be used at pH 2 – 8.5 and are 300 mm x 7.8 mm. For more detailed information about the PLS-columns, please download the user manual.


PLS columns are stable in most common buffers such as:
Phosphate buffer solution, tris hydrochloric acid solution, acetate buffer solution, 1 M acetic acid, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, 30% isopropanol, 70% ethanol, 1 M NaOH (not prolonged but OK for cleaning in place)
Ideal eluent pH range: 2.0 – 8.5
Maximum pressure: 5MPa

The new PLS column series is available now from Malvern. Contact us for details and pricing of these columns designed to minimize light scattering noise.

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