Just last month we launched the Zetasizer WT, an on-line zeta potential measurement system designed specifically for water treatment plants, following years of working closely with partners in the water industry.  If you missed the launch event, you can catch up with the recording here.

Water Treatment with Zetasizer WT

While the benefits of using zeta potential measurement in labs at water treatment plants are well-documented, the idea of using it as on-line continuous process measurement is a new one. It’s important to understand that the Zetasizer WT is different to a streaming current detector (SCD).  The Zetasizer WT measures zeta potential directly, in real time.  On-line zeta potential measurement is robust and sensitive, in contrast to SCD which some water treatment facilities have found to be too subjective to rely upon for process control.

In a recent article, South Australia Water investigated the use of zeta potential measurement for water treatment coagulation control, concluding that “Zeta potential can be used to provide rapid, consistent and reliable feedback to optimise and control the coagulation process” (see article).

By installing the Zetasizer WT to the water treatment process, you can make significant savings on chemicals.  At Aurora Water in Colorado, United States, use of the on-line zeta potential system decreased coagulant costs by 15-20%, while also reducing energy consumption for rapid mixing (see article).

However, this is not just a coagulation optimization tool. The Zetasizer WT can also provide an early warning of a developing treatment problem, enabling you to react quickly when something is unstable in the process, before it becomes a notifiable event and triggers costly fines. On-line zeta potential measurement is “part of a growing trend toward developing proactive, as opposed to reactive, water treatment methodologies.” (see article)

In this video case study, Gary Fox from Tacoma Water talks about the value that the zeta potential measurement has added to plant operations both on-line and in the lab:

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