When working with a couple of our Morphologi G3-ID cement customers I have come to realize that cement is an incredibly complex product. Working with one of our customers in the cement industry we wrote an article, published last year in International Cement Review, discussing some of the challenges facing the cement industry and how the Morphologi G3-ID can help face these challenges.

Cements can contain a large number of components including any number of additives to adapt the cement behavior, the size and shape of any of these components can affect the final product therefore understanding the processes involved such as milling is vital. Looking into the future we are all aware of a push to reduce to energy use, here the cement industry has many opportunities but evaluating each one is complex. Interestingly the problems being explored by the cement industry in production are much the same as those in the dry powder and tabletting areas of pharmaceuticals where different materials being milled together offer different results.

The Morphologi G3-ID acquires images of particles in a blend and using Raman Spectroscopy identifies each particle, therefore it is possible to obtain individual size and shape distributions for each component in the blend. The size and shape of components can be linked to milling processes and behavior of the final product; this is as true for cement as it is for pharmaceutical blends.

If you would like to know more please take a look at the article by following this link or visit the Malvern Instruments website.   You may also be interested in this application note about Component Characterization of Cements using Morphologi G3-ID.