Last week I attended the 6th International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water (NOM 6) held in Malmo, Sweden

This conference had an interesting mix of presentations from leading Researcher’s and the Industrial water supply chain including Severn Trent Water. Emma Sharp, Severn Trent Water, presented an update of the first on-line Zetasizer WT trials within Severn Trent in her presentation “Using online zeta potential measurements for Coagulation control: A first for the UK Water Industry

Undaunted by the size of the auditorium Emma delivered a very clear and authoritative presentation, followed by a group questioning the details during the coffee break.

Many thanks Emma for the presentation and for the summary slides:

IMG_0164 blog
  • Zeta potential for coagulation control works!
  • Online Zeta Potential measurements are reliable
  • The system allows for constant zeta potential monitoring with alarms
  • Lead measure of clarification performance
  • Its easy to use and understand
  • Reduces risk and generates efficiencies
  • Real potential for reliable automated coagulation control!
IMG_0175 blog

A new Water Treatment Solutions brochure is available in our Malvern website – Click here to access it.

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