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September was another very busy month for live webinars from our experts here at Malvern Instruments.  You lucky people had the opportunity to learn more about a range of topics, from a novel polymer applications in the automotive industry and fuel filter testing (ISO16332) but they also covered the ink and pharmaceutical industry…  If you missed any, don’t worry!  We’ve recorded them all, so you can catch up on the action for free by registering on our website – the links to each webinar recording are available below.

September webinars:

Silver colloids and invisible ink

From 0 to 60 – Novel polymer applications in the automotive industry

In-line PSA streamlines fuel filter testing (ISO16332)

Demo at your desk – Particle sizing for the Pharma industry

NTA Virtual Demonstration

Making squeeze flow measurements on a rotational rheometer

Coming up in October:

13th – Masterclass 4 – Configurando especificaciones (Spanish)

14th  – Particle Sizing Masterclass 5: when is shape as important as size? 

In this last webinar in the particle sizing masterclass we won’t actually be talking about particle sizing! We will, in fact, be looking at particle shape.

This is because in some applications particle size may not tell the whole story, and information about particle shape can help to fully understand product performance. In this webinar we will look in more detail at the particle shape information available from image analysis, as well as how to ensure that you get good shape information from your particles.

Finally we will cover some case studies where particle shape information has been used to improve product performance and understand production processes.

20th – Particles unmasked: “What is it, and where did it come from?”

These are questions which are often asked about unknown particles in a variety of sample types, such as when developing (bio)pharmaceutical products, or as part of forensic investigations. This short web seminar will introduce you to new ways of using Malvern’s Morphologi G3-ID, including a direct link to KnowItAll® from Bio-Rad, to help you answer these questions and more.

21th In pursuit of perfect packing

The mechanical properties of materials such as concrete, metal powders, and ceramics are governed by how well we can pack the different sizes and shapes of particle.

We’ll look at this intractable problem providing an overview of theoretical and practical packing schemes.

22nd – Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for Biopharmaceutical Development

This webinar focuses on the use and application of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) for structure and stability investigations of biopharmaceuticals, with an emphasis on monoclonal antibodies, in both early development and late stage products.

Case studies from biopharma will be presented, to demonstrate how DSC analysis is used in formulation development, stability, or biocomparability studies. Using simple analysis of transition temperatures (Tm) for Tm-based stability ranking, to complex analysis including identification of individual structural domain transitions, DSC is versatile, and allows biopharmaceutical development at a faster development pace.

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