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8th – Optimizing Fluid Rheology for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is gaining increasing attention due to the need of oil extraction in efficient manners and difficulties in finding a new oil field. With traditional methods, only about 20-40% of oil is extracted from an oil reservoir, leaving 60-80% oil in the reservoir at the end of production. A technically proven EOR technique for recovering some of this residual oil is polymer flooding, which involves injection of polymer solutions in the porous media.
Rafael Hincapie from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at TU Clausthal in Germany is working on research projects to better understand the rheological behaviour of such fluids, under conditions likely to be encountered during the oil recovery process. A summary of the work will be presented in this webinar.

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9th – Philip Argall and early sampling practice in Colorado

Philip Argall wrote the obituary for Henry Vezin in Mining Reporter and was an American born in Ireland, He is mainly remembered for the invention of the 8-hour working shift. Alan Rawle will be looking on his influence on mining sampling where he contributed a number of articles in the early 1900’s.

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