2015 has been a great and productive year at Malvern Instruments with more than 100 blogs published! I thought that you might be interested in seeing what our 10 most popular blogs of the year turned out to be. We’ve seen all sorts: from super-technical pieces to exciting product launches, alongside funny stories and company news.

I really hope that like us, you enjoyed reading our blog which is becoming increasingly popular each year. 2015 is a record blogging year at Malvern, and we would like to thank you all for being such loyal readers!

Top of the blog 2015

Drumroll please…. here are Malvern’s Top Ten Blogs of 2015:

  1. The Great Guinness Viscosity Challenge
  2. Smoothie Wars! Which blends best?
  3. Don’t throw away your “bad” N-value ITC data
  4. Derived count rate – what is it?
  5. PDI from an individual peak in DLS
  6. OMNISEC – Your Questions Answered
  7. PEAQ-ITC launch – Your Questions Answered
  8. Surface Zeta Potential – what it is and how to measure it
  9. How to get the latest software for the Zetasizer Nano?
  10. Bunker Mentality: Particle Size on the Golf Course

I’d like to be surprised that food and drink occupy the two top spots, but they’re always big favorites! A big “thank you” goes to our bloggers who spend their time and contribute their knowledge to the Malvern blog. Ulf Nobbmann remains our top blogger with four of them in the winners list, followed by Alan Rawle, Debbie Huck and Paul Kippax, to name but a few. Well done all!  Here’s to another wonderful year in 2016!

Top Ten Videos

  1. Principles of isothermal titration calorimetry
  2. Laser diffraction particle size analyzer – Mastersizer 3000
  3. Zetasizer Nano ZSP – particle size, molecular size, zeta potential & electrophoretic mobility
  4.  The Malvern Zetasizer Nano surface zeta potential cell
  5.  Mastersizer 3000: Smarter Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing
  6.  Simple, versatile dynamic light scattering system – Zetasizer Nano
  7.  Kinexus rotational rheometers for measuring viscosity & rheology
  8.  Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis – NanoSight in 90 Seconds
  9.  Hydro Sight for Mastersizer 3000 – See your dispersion
  10.  Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis – Nanosight NS300

Thank you very much for reading and listening to our content.

If there are any subjects that you would like us to cover in 2016, just contact us at events@malvern.com.

Happy Holidays from all at Malvern Instruments!