I’ve been creating our monthly Webinars catch up this year and a list of our top 10 webinars from 2015 was a logical way to finish the year.

I’m not surprised to see that our Masterclass series webinars, both for Particle Size and Rheology have made the list below, but we also have a newcomer in our recently-launched Omnisec.

So here it is, our Top Ten webinars from 2015:

  1. Particle Size Masterclass 1: the basics
  2. Particle Size Masterclass 2: which technique is best for me?
  3. Rheology Masterclass 1 – The basic of viscosity
  4. Particle Sizing Masterclass 3: method development
  5. Ten rotational rheometry questions you may have but don’t know who to ask!
  6. The microcalorimetry of nanoparticles
  7. Rheology Masterclass 2 – The basics of viscoelasticity
  8. A fantastic voyage through the arena of nanoparticle drug delivery
  9. Addressing complexity of binding interactions with ITC – get the most out of your ITC data
  10. OMNISEC live launch

If you have any requests for new webinars in 2016, please contact us on Social via TwitterFacebook or Linkedin, or email your requests to events@malvern.com .

Happy New Year to you and your family from the Malvern Instruments family!