We are delighted to let you know that one of our new products, the Zetasizer WT, a dedicated on-line zeta potential analyzer for the Water Treatment industry won an Innovation award recently.

Zeta WT award

The event was held in November 2015 at the headquarters of Severn Trent Water in Coventry, UK, by the CIWEM (Certified Institute of Water and Environmental Management) and showcased ten new products available to the water treatment industry.

A show area was set up where representatives from the water industry could view and ask questions regarding the products on show and get a better understanding of their purpose and benefits. Malvern Instruments were demonstrating the Zetasizer WT unit and it received  a lot of interest from the attending delegates who were impressed by its performance in various field studies and by the data gathered from full scale plant installations.

The representatives for each of the products on display were then given 2 minutes to talk about the unique value of the product, its return on investment, and to argue why it was the most innovative product at the event. Dr Emma Sharp of Severn Trent Water spoke on behalf of the Malvern Zetasizer WT and gave a compelling account of its benefits and ability to generate significant costs savings.

After all 10 presentations were made, everyone attending was then invited to vote for the most innovative product being shown. The Malvern Zetasizer WT won the vote! As a regional winner it has now been entered into the national event in London where all the other regional winners will attend and compete for the national title.

Increased interest in this innovative solution for optimization of water treatment processes was also felt during a recent webinar organised by IChemE’s Water Special Interest Group where Malvern presenters introduced the Zetasizer WT to the water treatment professionals. The live broadcast was attended by over a hundred people and followed by a lively Q&A session. The recording of this webinar is available to view.

The Zetasizer WT is a robust and practical on-line measurement system that enables optimization of coagulant dosing during the water treatment process by providing frequent, precise and absolute zeta potential results, enabling clear target and operational range setting for stable flocculation. The user-independent Zetasizer WT system has proven to be a robust tool for optimizing chemical dosing during day-to-day plant operation, whilst enabling real-time responses to sudden changes in raw water quality.

If you want to learn more about the ‘IChemE’s Water Special Interest Group’ click here.

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