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Have a question about how to use the new software for Malvern’s OMNISEC GPC/SEC system?  We’ve got you covered!

The new workflow-based design in OMNISEC v10 provides similar capabilities and functionality as Malvern’s previous GPC/SEC software packages, however the modernized arrangement has introduced some differences between the versions.  Whether you’re new to OMNISEC or new to GPC/SEC altogether, we want to make sure that you, as the user, are comfortable with and capable of using the OMNISEC v10 software to get the most out of your data!

In order to ensure this, we’ve put together a series of short videos that demonstrate how to control the system, set up and run samples, and analyze the resulting data.  Below, you’ll find the links to these videos, arranged in general order of use.

  1. Instrument controls
  2. Baseline monitor
  3. Quick run
  4. Setting up a sequence 
  5. How to open data
  6. Working with limits & baselines
  7. How to create a method
  8. How to open a method
  9. How to analyze a sample
  10. Derived data, overlay, & distribution plots
  11. How to export & import data sets
Omnisec video blog

We hope that like our customers, you will find these short videos useful! Any questions, please contact us via TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or Linkedin, or email your requests to events@malvern.com.

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