As per 2015, I compiled the list of On Demand webinars from January. Let me introduce a new webinar program that will focus on Life Science and Industrial.

January On Demand webinars:

Coming up in February:

Life Science Tuesdays – Register for free to all our future webinars

Life Science

2nd – How to purify and characterize extracellular vesicles

Characterization of extracellular vesicles with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis explained.

9thParticle Characterization for Oral Solid Dose Formulations

Understand how particle size and size distribution relate to Oral Solid Dose product performance.

16th – Characterizing the properties of liposomes and other drug delivery systems

Are you involved in researching and developing drug delivery systems? Do you want to characterize their size, charge and concentration? If so, this webinar will be of interest to you.

23rd – Sieve less, see more! In-line particle sizing improves process control

This presentation will discuss the use of in-line particle size analyzers as an alternative to manual sampling to help improve process understanding, control and product quality.

Industrial Thursdays – Register for free to all our future webinars

Industrial Thursdays

4th – Nanomaterials in food and food-related products (applications, characterisation and regulation)

The focus of this presentation will be the survey of the most recent developments in nanomaterials application in food and drink industry as well as associated regulations, definitions, standards and the resulting public perception. 

11th – Suspension stability: Why particle size, zeta potential and rheology are important

In this webinar we discuss the importance of particle size, zeta potential and rheology in terms of sedimentation/creaming behavior and demonstrate how these properties can be manipulated to induce stability.

17th – Rheological characterization of asphalt binders at low temperatures by using the 4-mm DSR technique. Part 2

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to measure the low-temperature rheological properties of asphalt binders by using 4-mm parallel plate geometry on a rotational rheometer. In this webinar, rheological data measured with this so-called “4-mm DSR” method are presented and techniques to analyze this data are discussed. 

18thMetal colloids; their preparation, application and characterization

Metal colloids represent a very interesting system known since Roman times (the Lycurgus Cup). We’ll look at the preparation of these systems looking mainly at gold, silver, and the platinum group metals. All these find extensive application in industries including drug delivery, disinfection, catalysis, and margarine production. 

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