It’s not unusual to see a Malvern Zetasizer in a University laboratory. In fact, there are so many educational institutions taking advantage of the quick and reliable information dynamic light scattering (as well as electrophoretic light scattering) can provide, that it is more likely that there already is a system somewhere on your campus than not.  We are delighted that light scattering plays an integral role in so many academic institutes around the world!  If you are wondering whether there is a system on your campus, just contact our Helpdesk, who will be happy to point you to the closest department.

For a quick glimpse of the wealth of academic applications the Zetasizer helps solve, here is a list of a few universities who have added their name to Malvern press releases over the past few years:


With such a large range of applications, Zetasizers are in use spanning departments of geology, biochemistry, structural biology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, food science, pharmaceutical sciences, environmental sciences, physics…the list goes on!

Good luck with your research – and get in touch to tell us what you’re doing and how we can help via our Social Media, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, or email your requests to events@malvern.com.


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