Analysis of Mushroom Farming – Mushrooms meet Malvern

Malvern Instruments has made its name in particle sizing: the flagships Mastersizer and  Zetasizer have become the de facto global standard tools for particle sizing from nanometers to millimeters.  The breadth of applications for these technologies is simply astounding and we are constantly seeing new uses in diverse areas. As just one example, the video below shows use of a Mastersizer 2000 in a Lingzhi mushroom research facility, where state-of-the-art cultivation techniques are developed and improved.

The Lingzhi mushroom is also known as the reishi mushroom and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for two thousand years. Aside from polysaccharides, the mushrooms contain fungal immunomodulatory  proteins that have immunity-building properties.

The fruit body is typically sliced/pulverized and steeped in hot water for ~2 hours. The resulting formulation is dark and bitter, and could probably be sized with a Zetasizer!

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