Summer finally showned its face after a grey and rainy spring! Hope you’ll still have few minutes before enjoying your well-deserved vacation.

In July we’ll focus on some pharmaceutical topics and Taylor Dispersion Analysis while Hayato Kato, CEO at Preci will present part 2 of the Manufacturing and characterizing spray dried products’ webinar series.

Later this month, register to the popular “Demo at your desk” focusing this month on the Kinexus, our Rotational rheometer.

Below is the latest list of our On Demand webinars. Just pick and choose!

June On Demand webinars:

Coming up in July:

12th – Rapid Generic Pharmaceutical Product Development 

In a recent newsletter, the US FDA highlighted the important role Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MRDS) can play in supporting the development of generic drug products. Paul Kippax will consider the workflow associated with RLD deformulation and will introduce the technique of MDRS and its application in developing complex generics including Oral Solid Dose (OSD), Topical and OINDP formulations.

14th – Manufacturing and characterizing spray dried products: Part 2 – Measuring powder characteristics 

In part 2 of the webinar series, Hayato Kato and Shinya Kawaguchi from Preci will look at how Malvern’s characterisation technologies can be used to analyze spray dried products to improve spray drying processes and quality control protocols.

On Demand webinar: Part 1 – An introduction to spray drying

26th – The role of Taylor Dispersion Analysis in assessing the stability of biological formulations

Matthew McGann, our industry specialist in the Life Science will introduce the complementary nature of Taylor Dispersion Analysis (TDA) as a method of measuring protein size and understanding the aggregation potential of a biological formulation.

28th – Demo at your desk: Kinexus DSR 

John Casola will show how the Kinexus software can be used to improve lab efficiency and internal documentation management through statistical quality control, automated reporting and use of an integrated materials database for tracking product aspects by terminal location, grade, tank, supplier or even by project. Lastly, we will demonstrate how the innovative SOP design functionality of the rSpace operating system can be used to recrete existing company procedures or to design new robust procedures.

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