Malvern Instruments is sponsoring two “MicroCal User Days” in October:


Tuesday October 18 2016: West Coast MicroCal User Day in San Diego, CA

This complimentary 1-day event will include presentations by scientists discussing how ITC and/or DSC are used as part of their research.

  • Invited speakers:
    Bill Callahan III, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Amgen Thousand Oaks, Characterizing Amorphous Suspensions: Potential Formulation Option for Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Matthew McGann, Product Manager, Innovative Products, Malvern Instruments, Assessing Bioformulation Stability – From prediction to characterizing particle content

Thursday October 27 2016: New England MicroCal User Day in Cambridge, MA

Come hear from MicroCal users from across New England. MicroCal scientists will be available to answer your ITC and DSC related questions. Come learn about applications, best practices, and latest developments in isothermal titration and differential scanning calorimetry (ITC and DSC).

  • Invited speakers:
    Verna Frasca, Ph.D. Product Marketing Manager, Malvern instruments, Northampton MA Microcalorimetry by Design: ITC and DSC for Life Sciences Research and Drug Discovery and Development
  • Dean Wilcox, Ph.D., Professor, and Michael Stephenson, Graduate Student, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH: Calorimetric measurements involving metal ions: concerns, tips and strategies
  • Frank Bruzzese, Ph.D., Scientist 1, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA: Idiosyncrasies of Substrate Binding to the Canonical and Non-Canonical E1 Enzymes revealed through ITC
  • James Kranz, Ph.D. Principal Drug Product Development Scientist, Shire, Lexington MA. Protein Thermal Stability and Ligand Binding: DSC, DSF, and Thermal Shift Analysis in Pharmaceuticals

Each of the User Days features talks by scientists in academia and industry, showing how Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) and/or Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) provide solutions to advance their research or drug discovery efforts.  See the webpage for each event for more details on location and timing, and to review the list of invited speakers.

These User Days provide opportunities for both new and experienced MicroCal users to learn best practices and new applications. The User Days are also informative for anyone considering adding ITC or DSC to their biophysical toolbox.  The format of the events allows time to network with other regional scientists.

MicroCal technical and applications experts will be on hand to address your specific ITC or DSC questions during breaks or lunch, or you can schedule a consultation for a future date.

Both User Days have free registration, and lunch is included. Space is limited for each event, so please register early!

See you in October.