Summer Webinars

Summer is almost over but the weather is still really nice!

For those who missed our webinars this summer, I’ve compilled the list for you to catch up on all our exciting subject covered recently.

Amber Fradkin from KBI Biopharma will provide case studies to highlight the advantages of particle methods for characterizing comparability and biosimilarity on the 20th September.

Howard Barnes from the University of Chester,  will explain the challenges of measuring the rheology of particulate suspensions by showing some practival examples.

Register to the popular “Demo at your desk” focusing this month on the OMNISEC, our specialists will introduce some key features that can really help users. A Q&A session will be open so take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions!

Summer On Demand webinars:

Coming up in September:

6th – How multi-detector GPC/SEC can advance our understanding of drug delivery polymers 

Mark Pothecary will focus on the information provided by GPC/SEC about polymers used in drug delivery applications. In the case of polymer conjugates, GPC/SEC can also be used to characterize the end-product; for example, by measuring the amount of drug conjugated to the polymer. The webinar will include a short overview of GPC/SEC technologies used to make these measurements and will cover some key application examples showing the technology’s utility. Mark will also explain how DLS can be used to characterize nanoparticles made for drug delivery applications and how these two techniques together can accelerate research in this key application area.

8th – Zeta potential – An important parameter for controlling formulation stability and product performance

In this webinar Dr Ana Morfesis will give an overview of zeta potential and its measurement and explain how this important parameter can be used in product development to enhance product stability and performance.

20th – Applying complementary particle techniques for assessing comparability and biosimilarity of therapeutic products 

During this presentation Amber Fradkin (Associate Director at KBI Biopharma) will demonstrate how multiple particle techniques can be used to characterize therapeutic products and their particle populations. We will provide case studies to highlight the advantages of particle methods for characterizing comparability and biosimilarity.

22th – Understanding and Controlling the Rheology of Particulate Dispersions

This webinar presented by Howard Barnes (Honorary Professor at Chester University) aims at giving a simple understanding of this situation, and highlights how to bring about a more desirable rheology when necessary. This is important since the rheology of such products plays an important part in the technical behaviour as well as the aesthetic appeal of the product to the user. Examples from a number of product areas will be given.

29th – OMNISEC: Demo at your desk

In this webinar Mark Pothecary and Kyle Williams we will introduce the key features of OMNISEC and their associated benefits to the user. We will show how easy it is to set-up and run a measurement and how to analyze data in the software. Afterwards, our technical specialists will be on hand to answer your questions in a live Q&A session.

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