Together with Sysmex, our distributor in Benelux, we are proud to be Gold Sponsors of the International Symposium on GPC/SEC and Related Techniques, taking place from 26-29th September in Amsterdam.

One of our technical experts, John Stenson, is looking forward to presenting some exciting new data in his talk “Combining multi-detector GPC measurements with ultra-high pressure GPC separations” at 3:30 pm on Wednesday 28th September, and says:

“This presentation will discuss the issues related to dispersion and how these can be minimized. We will then show the first high quality data from a combined multi-detector/ UPLC™ system comprising a Waters APC system with Malvern’s OMNISEC REVEAL multi-detector module. The measurements will show that despite some loss of resolution between the detectors it is still possible to make high quality multi-detector measurements of polymers and proteins separated under UPLC™ conditions. Absolute molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity measurements are successfully made thanks to the minimization of dispersion between detector cells.”

We’ll also be presenting two posters on “New methodologies for the analysis of PET and PEEK using advanced multi-detector GPC” and “Redefining the limits of Multi-detector GPC with OMNISEC”.  Malvern and Sysmex application specialists will be on hand to meet you all and help you with any questions.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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