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Intermediate GPC School 300x270

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of GPC data, and didn’t know how to use it?  You’re in luck!

Come on down to Malvern’s Houston, Texas facility on October 19-20, 2016 for a two-day course designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge of Malvern’s GPC/SEC technologies and make you an expert!  We will cover the theory behind the advanced detection options of Malvern’s GPC/SEC instruments, as well as providing a thorough presentation of the OmniSEC software.

You’ll leave the course with an understanding of all of the hardware and software that you and your sample interact with, and find out how to get the most information from a single injection of your sample.  It is important to note that this course is the first to include content geared toward the new OMNISEC system, in addition to the TDA 305, HT-GPC 350, 270 dual-detector, and RI only systems.  No matter what type of Malvern GPC/SEC system you have, we’ve got you covered!

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Detector theory (RI, UV/Vis, Light Scattering & Viscometer)
  • Conventional calibration
  • Universal calibration
  • Triple detection
  • Copolymer analysis
  • Branching analysis
  • Good practice & troubleshooting
  • Columns & standards

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OMINISEC Malvern Instruments

All questions are welcome and there will be opportunities for discussion during the presentations or breaks in the action. Attendees are encouraged to bring example data with them so we can help diagnose any issues they may be encountering. Additionally, there will be time spent in the lab discussing the hardware and answering maintenance questions.

It is important to note:

  • The cost for the two-day school is $1,500 per person, which will include course materials, breakfast and lunch on both days. Companies with a Platinum service contract purchased in last 12 months will receive one complimentary seat while companies with a Gold service contract purchased in the last 12 months will receive 50% discount on one seat.
  • Attendees must bring a laptop computer (to follow along with software exercises)
  • The laptop must run Windows 7 or Windows XP; the OmniSEC software is not compatible with Windows 8 or higher.
  • Due to the lab time, attendees should wear lab-appropriate attire, e.g. closed-toe shoes, etc; safety glasses will be provided.

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