ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology


Next week (24-25 November) sees the UK host an ISO meeting for Technical Committee 281 in fine and ultrafine bubbles. These are bubbles <100 micron in size and have many applications.

Fine bubbles (1- 100 microns) have many applications including water treatment, medical imaging and drug delivery. Ultra fine bubbles (<100 nm)  are used in cleaning, food, agricultural and aqua cultural applications. The new technologies available here are increasing in use; for example, many new washing machines have bubble generators in them for enhanced cleaning.

There is a large increase in applications globally with a lot of this interest being in ultrafine bubbles – the existence of which have not yet been fully validated or understood theoretically – although I’ve seen so much practical evidence that I definitely believe they are there!

The ISO group has three working groups concerned with:

  1. the definitions and measurement / parameters used,
  2. the techniques used to characterize the bubbles,
  3. the applications.

I have the privilege of being the chair of this group and I’m looking forward to continuing work on the many standards projects we’re working on and also looking at new proposals.

If any of you reading this are involved in any aspects of fine / ultrafine bubble technology please get in touch, we are always interested in new experts from different countries who are able to get involved in the standardization process in this area.

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