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Malvern was one of the first companies of its kind to recognize the value webinars play in providing customers and prospects with a medium for engaging, educational content that could be watched live or at a later date through the recording.

We are very pleased recognize a major milestone for our webinar program.

Going back 15 years to 2001 in Malvern, England, Alan recalls his 1st webinar being “held together with string and wood”. Being lost to time because the webinars were not recorded “on the old days” he recalls that his first webinar was a standard basic principal webinar and not much else about. “Smaller was beautiful” Alan recalls, having under 25 attendees for most of the webinars back then. When asked if he was looking forward to his 100th webinar, Alan commented he is “looking forward to reaching 200 or 1000” to see what future updates we continue to make to the program.

Technology development have certainly impacted the webinar program as well. “Our webinar program is much slicker and easier now,” Alan says, “virtually single click”. Alan remembers how in early years of the webinar program he had to worry about all the difficult login, protocols, and slide material and if and how they would all work. The improved graphics and video of today’s technology is a vast improvement to having “black and white slides almost” of earlier webinars. Presentation document sizes which use to start at 500kb or so are now regularly 20-25mb due to the improvements in graphics.

Old man & the Abbe Alan-Rawle

Not only has the look and feel of the webinar programs improved, but also the content of material presented, becoming much more relevant to our customers’ needs and issues. While earlier webinars focused on the basic of characterization, and are still available for those educating themselves about the basics, Alan is glad that the webinar program has grown over the time to be much more focused on specific characterization challenges faced in industry sectors, whether that be in food and drink, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cements, or any other industry.

As Alan approaches his 100th webinar, he is looking forward to participating in the webinar and adding it to his long list of saved recordings he keeps for future use. He is glad that Malvern keeps giving him the opportunity to educate our customers and prospects, and looks forward to participating in many more webinars to come. So are we!

Well done Alan!

Alan’s latest webinars: