Carving a chicken with friends and family. There is a long table and everyone is standing with plates waiting to be served. There is salad, wine and cheese on the table.

The food industry is extremely diverse (‘we are what we eat’) and requires the understanding and control of specific characterization attributes to impact final product quality. From measuring particle size to bulk properties, our seminar will help you to improve product consistency and the ability to engineer the products for different markets/tastes with a wide range of complementary technologies and application expertise.

Malvern’s free one-day seminar is ideal for those in product formulation, QA/QC, and manufacturing who are looking to gain an overview of some of the ways to understand formulations both from a fundamental research and from a quality control perspective. You will leave the seminar with a deeper understanding of the characteristics needed control to improve quality and reduce costs.

Date: June 8 2017

Time: 8:30 – 15:30 (Time zone US & Canada)

Location: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg, 50 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg, Illinois, IL, USA, 60173


  • Formulation & Stability of Thinner Systems (i.e dairy, flavorings, hazes, mayonnaise)
  • Formulation & Stability of Thicker Systems (i.e. cheese, chocolates, creams, and pastes)
  • Formulation & Stability of Solid-based Systems (i.e. powders, coffee, spices)
  • Advanced Technologies for Characterizing Food Products