Exposition at scientific meetings:
How useful are they and can they help me to get a job?

A brief insight from the ACS meeting


If you follow my writings, you’d probably expect more detail about Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)… However, today I’d like to report on a recent conference we went to, the national meeting of the American Chemical Society, otherwise known as ACS. It is the world’s largest scientific society by number with close to 160k members.  There were over 17k registrants at the San Francisco meeting earlier this month, quite a turnout. With the constant trend towards more digital forms of communication, including video and social media, one might question the value of exhibiting at such an event.

However, customers and researchers still like to talk to real people – especially if they know an expert is available at the booth. For us, it is interesting to hear about your latest applications and even suggestions on what we should improve in our portfolio – so definitely a worthwhile activity.

Thanks to all our existing customers that stopped by the booth!


Aside from those established scientists, there are always a few early-career researchers inquiring about opportunities at Malvern, and the level of preparedness varies.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

How can I get a job at an exhibiting company?

While it’s certainly not bad to connect with us in person at an event like an exhibition or conference, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Using Malvern as an example, you might want to;

Your extra bonus if you’d like to apply

Many companies encourage their existing employees to suggest and refer any potential new employees with a simple form, to encourage qualified referrals. If you do get this “inside reference” your application automatically indicates: I have done part of my homework and know something about the company that others may not – at the very minimum you’ve read and understood this blog.

So, take advantage of it when you apply for a job at Malvern! We’d love to have you join.

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