Matt McGann and I will be representing Malvern at the upcoming annual UD Biophysical Characterization Workshop, sponsored by CBST (Center for Biomanufacturing Science & Technology), BITC (Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center), and the University of Delaware, on June 6, 2017, hosted by Professor Christopher Roberts.

This year’s workshop will consist of three days of short courses and small-group demonstrations of the principles and commercial technologies for characterization of protein solutions and related colloidal systems, focusing specifically on static and dynamic light scattering, electrophoresis (DLS, ELS), and Taylor Dispersion Analysis (TDA).

Matt has been invited to teach the Taylor dispersion analysis section, which will include a half-day of hands-on laboratory work with the Viscosizer, and I have been invited to teach the dynamic light scattering section, also with a half-day of laboratory work with the Zetasizer Nano ZS.

Other instructors include Tom Laue from the University of New Hampshire, who will speak on electrophoresis, specifically membrane confined electrophoresis, and Yun Liu, from the University of Delaware and NIST, who will cover static light scattering, specifically low angle X ray.

Having attending BITC sponsored events in the past, I can testify that they are quite informative and educational, as much for the instructor as for student.  So Matt and I both look forward to an exciting three days debating the nuances of intensity weighting and capillary wall interactions with old friends and customers, and new friends.


Principles of dynamic light scattering

6 June – Room. 366, 3rd Floor, Colburn Laboratory 1:30—3:00 p.m

Taylor dispersion analysis

7 June – Room. 366, 3rd Floor, Colburn Laboratory 9:00 a.m.—10:30 a.m

For anyone attending, we look forward to seeing you there.