A challenge to all new Zetasizers!


The Zetasizer is so simple to use that the majority of Zetasizer (user)s just “dive in” and find out how to operate the system.

By design it is (almost) indestructable, so what can go wrong? Not much – nevertheless, you might be able to get even more use and benefit from your system with a little preparation.

Start-free-Zetasizer-elearning-todayFree eLearning video – really!

If you are relatively new to the Zetasizer then take a look at our free eLearning introductory course. It was meant as a teaser for the full e-learning software, and this overview is a perfect compact training module for a refresher, new members of your group, or just to educate yourself.

  • Watch and listen to the compact course demo [this requires flash, so it may be best viewed with Google Chrome and may not work on some computer with Internet Explorer, just fill in the form for automatic and immediate access to the free video]
  • There‚Äôs a short quiz at the end with 6 questions. See how many you can answer correctly.

As part of the complete support package, two seats to the full eLearning course are provided with each installation of a Zetasizer – you just have to ask for it. Approach your local service engineer or contact our help desk.

How difficult are the questions?

Not difficult, since the content is covered in the module. For example, one question is about which type of cuvette to select for a particular application. But we don’t want to give it away. Try out the quiz for yourself.  Challenge accepted.


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