Taiwan-energy-event-580x200Consumers increasingly demand more from their electronic devices. For example longer lasting and safe batteries, high resolution LCD, smaller and smarter PCBs etc. Malvern Panalytical has multiple analytical solutions for batteries, LCDs, wafers, printed circuit boards and more. This is so you have high performance yet safe and compliant electronic products.

Read more about our solutions below:

  • Prevent battery plates from wearing out easily by monitoring the particle size distribution and packing density with the Mastersizer laser diffraction technique.
  • Batteries having issues with recharging? The Gailpix3D XRD detector uses X-ray diffraction and computed tomography to inspect cells in your lithium batteries while in-operando. This allows optimised ion conduction for constant rechargeable energy.
  • Analyse the structure of new battery materials with our newest compact XRD, Aeris.
  • Make sure that your electronics are RoHS-2/ELV/WEEE compliant. Our newest Epsilon 1 for small spot analysis, an X-ray fluorescence benchtop spectrometer, is capable of elemental analysis of hazardous substances like lead, chromium or cadmium from spot sizes as small as 1mm2.  Conduct small spot analysis for printed circuit boards, electronic appliances, toys, mining and more.
  • Prevent damage to your wafer or LCD by monitoring particle sizes of CMP slurries used in polishing silicon or solder particles used in printed circuit boards. Detect particle sizes from as small as 0.01µm with the Mastersizer laser diffraction instrument.
  • Understand and control the rheology of battery slurries in order to optimize the manufacturing process for Li-ion battery electrodes.

9976_fullimage_Li-ion_batteryTalk to our Malvern Panalytical experts at Taiwan’s International Green Energy Exhibition (free entry). Pick up analytical tips for your research and production of electronic devices.

The event will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, Booth J0721a from 18-20th October 2017.

Other highlights

  • Tech Talk by Mr. Albert Yang, Product Manager on “Tips on complying with RoHS-2”
  • Live Demos 
    • Mastersizer laser diffraction particle size analyzer
    • New Aeris benchtop X-ray diffractometer
    • New Epsilon 1 benchtop X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Bring your samples for free testing!