At Malvern Panalytical UK we love taking part in local events, supporting local charities, visit local schools, and generally be a visible and approachable presence in the community! When the opportunity arose to support the Worcestershire Festival of Business, we were therefore keen to take part. The event is intended as a celebration of Worcestershire enterprise and entrepreneurship, and provides a chance for local businesses to showcase their expertise and meet with fellow businesses and members of the public.


Steve Ward-Smith – Malvern Panalytical Key Account Manager and Rebecca Bennett – Malvern Panalytical UK HR Advisor

At 8.00 am on 15th September, Steve Ward-Smith, Key Account Manager, and I dutifully met up in a car park in Worcester and made our way into the city center to find our spot. The stands were set up at various points along the High Street and in the Guildhall. We had a first-rate spot outside my favorite shop as an ardent music-loving teenager, HMV! We set up our stand with product brochures, pop-up stands, our Malvern tablecloth, pens, rulers and leaflets, and, of course, the obligatory tub of chocolates to encourage people over to grab a sweet treat and hopefully talk to us at the same time!


The Festival was officially opened by the Mayor of Worcester, Steve Mackay, and his wife, Alison. The Mayor emphasized that the event is all about businesses in the county showing what they have to offer, and being on hand to give advice to start-up companies, and there was certainly a positive atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie.

Autumn was definitely in the air as it was the coldest morning we have had in the UK for a long time, and our feet very quickly felt numb , but it was heart-warming to chat to the people who came to our stand, and there was a company in the Guildhall kindly offering free tea and coffee from their table, which we gladly made use of!  As I made my way around the stands to meet fellow business representatives from Worcestershire, it was interesting to reflect on how far Malvern has come from its humble beginnings. We are now one of the biggest players in the Worcestershire business community,  and I feel proud to work for such a prestigious and eminent company.

Steve Mackay – Mayor of Worcester, and Rebecca Bennett – Malvern Panalytical UK HR Advisor

Steve and I had a chat with the Mayor and his wife, and they were impressed with the way that our technologies can have an impact on so many facets of a person’s life from the moment they wake up – cleaning their teeth, shampooing their hair, making their morning coffee, driving to work, and so on.  Indeed, whilst we were certainly not expecting to make a sale, we definitely opened people’s eyes to the work that we do and the usefulness of our instrumentation, and it was fun to get out and about, meet some new people and raise awareness of our brand.

We’re looking forward to attending next year with our newly-designed Malvern Panalytical branding so that we can have a bigger and better display and introduce the local community to the company’s new era!

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