Optimise time in the field with your mobile lab

Whether it is for mineral exploration or mining waste analysis, there is a time-lapse between bringing samples back to the laboratory, analysis and making decisions in the field.

Increasingly, governments are focusing on protecting the environment. Companies can be charged with hefty environmental fines. Minimize your company’s risk through quick analysis of undesirable environmental waste elements.

Imagine if you could have the flexibility to react quickly by analyzing samples while traveling between mine sites. Here’s a tip on how to set up a mobile lab in your car with the Epsilon 1 compact X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. A star performer among the low-cost benchtop series, the Epsilon 1 is capable of accurate, repeatable, quick analysis with minimal or no sample preparation. A great companion to analyze samples on the go.

This begs a common question – how?

To operate an Epsilon 1 in your car, simply install a pure sine wave inverter to convert the DC power of the battery into the required AC power. The recommended option is to power the spectrometer with a dual battery system.

Optimise time in the field with your mobile lab

Above illustrates how a second battery, preferably a deep cycle battery, is installed in the car and connected, via a battery isolator, to the vehicle’s alternator and car battery.

There are also other options for analyzing with the Epsilon 1 in the back of your car. For instance, connecting the spectrometer to the car battery via the inverter and then analyzing while the engine is running. Alternatively, you can place a second battery in your vehicle that is disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system. However, this would require you to charge the battery in between travels.

Interested to organize an efficient mobile lab?
Read about how the Epsilon 1 can be used as a fast analysis tool with its high-performance silicon drift detector. Not only can you get accurate and quick analysis in only 10 minutes, but you could also measure multiple elements too.