The winners of Malvern Panalytical’s ASD 2018 Goetz Instrument Student Support Program have been announced!

Allowing Master’s and/or Ph.D. students from around the world to submit a research proposal involving spectral science, the ASD Goetz instrument support program offers the opportunity to “win” the ability to borrow an ASD field spectroradiometer or spectrometer at no cost in order to pursue their research endeavors.

This year, a record number of submissions were received proposing innovative, interesting and diverse spectroscopy research application uses of our ASD instruments; this made it especially challenging for our selection committee to choose the limited number of winners that we are able to support.

The nine selected global ASD 2018 Goetz Instrument Program recipient winners, and their research project topics are as follows:

FieldSpec® 4 Winners:

Jie Dai
Joint Doctoral Program in Geography San Diego State University / University of California, Santa Barbara (California, US)
Title: Mapping and modeling Mikania micrantha invasion in Chitwan community forests

Erola Fenollosa
Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Plant Physiology Doctoral Program University of Barcelona (Spain)
Title: Development of spectroradiometric photoprotective markers for fast plant stress assessment

Becca Goodman
Art Conservation Department SUNY Buffalo State College (New York, US)
Title: Identification of paint pigments with reflectance spectroscopy: The effects of mineral source and particle size

Marcella Piscitelli
Doctorate Program in Agricultural Sciences-Graduate School-Faculty of Agronomy University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Title: Estimation of the agricultural soil surface attributes through orbital and field radiometry data

Gustavo Togeiro de Alckmin
School of Land and Food – University of Tasmania (Australia)
Title: Determining Biophysical and Biochemical Attributes of Pasture Using Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Techniques

QualitySpec® Trek Winners:

Ai Hwee “Elise” Kho
Centre for Animal Science University of Queensland (Australia)
Title: To test the potential of QualitySpec Trek handheld near-infrared spectrometer as a potential on-farm diagnostic tool for parasitic infection in sheep faeces and pasture

Dipika Nadkarni
Department of Archaeology Durham University (United Kingdom)
Title: Identification of plastics in museum collections using fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy

FieldSpec HandHeld 2 Winners:

Meredith McPherson
Department of Ocean Sciences University of California, Santa Cruz (California, US)
Title: Applying spectral techniques to determine physiological condition of bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) populations along the northern California coastline

Wendel Raymond
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Alaska, US)
Title: Using condition estimates of a marine foundation species to infer temporally integrated seawater nutrient fields

Congratulations to our 2018 selected winners! We look forward to learning of your research results and greatly appreciate the contributions that you are making to spectral science in your fields.

If you would like to learn more about the ASD Goetz Instrument Program, please click here